When it burns it is already too late

The problem is that insurance in the DeFi market remains elusive.

What You Need to Know About DeFi and the Need for Insurance

DeFi has already attracted over $100 billion in investments, all locked up in smart contracts. Many of these are developed by anonymous teams that aren’t worried about the safety or security of their invested funds. They’re willing to take…

Now, the community has to work together.

Decentralized finance isn’t about breaking the rules. It’s about expanding the rules and allowing more players to enter the game.

If centralized institutions, that offer a wide array of benefits, want to participate in the decentralized financial environment, it is up to us…

Amin El-Gazzar

Amin is a serial entrepreneur specializing in the architecture of massively scalable probabilistic systems. He also holds patents in different technologies.

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